Setting sail from a safe harbor

Valenza is a city of artisans. That is what we have always been, goldsmith..and it is what we are still today, but with a major plus… It is a city where all call to mind our tradition, where human relationship is already important, where things are concrete, where we breathe gold in the air, where in every corner we work for this charming world.. here we find our origins.

This is the engine of our never-ending research. We have helped big companies to develop and create masterpieces, giving them solutions for overcoming every obstacle; we have created technical solutions that does not exists.

“Now try to hurry through this new way, to make a dream come true”

Towards new horizons

Our purpose is to take our company to the maximum expression of creativity, quality and avant-garde.

We are very sure that synergy between new technologies and qualified goldsmith’s experts hands, is the best way to reach good results, this is in what we are investing in.

Our company uses sophisticated IT resources and employs some of the best partners in order to develop almost all project.

“Learning form past… to build future”

Il team

  • segreti-di-mu_diletta

    Diletta Teloni

    Ceo - Sales Manager

  • segreti-di-mu_federica

    Federica Benzi

    Marketing Director

  • segreti-di-mu_ombretta

    Ombretta Mangolini

    Quality Area Manager

  • segreti-di-mu_laura

    Laura Casè

    R&D Manager

  • segreti-di-mu_lella

    Lella Dassie

    Chief Accountant

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