A 40-years start-up

For women to women. We are a young start-up, coming from forty year of artisan experience and skill of Valenza, the heart of national jewelry excellence. Our team, entirely composed by women goes to the international market with an ambitious goal: to celebrate life and nature purity, with our creation, in 18 carats gold, diamond and precious stones. A water drop is the original element that chases and replies itself as a never-ending spring of life.

We believe in some key values: nature, womanhood, ethics, innovation, internationality and Made in Italy. The legend tells that Mu was a flourishing continent in the Pacific Ocean gone lost. You can find the typical nature of these landscapes in the structure of our jewelry: water clearness becomes pure diamond, universe colors transform themselves in shine gold and wood and stones turn into precious gems that form the past comes today to dress contemporary design.

Through the connection with nature purity our jewels reach the feminine heart, while internationality and the shop online are the modern peculiarity.

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